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Mindful Teens PDX

Helping Teens Cultivate Resilience and Self-Compassion

Spring session has concluded. Fall session dates will be announced soon!
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Location: Village Home Education Resource Center

Being a teen is tough. But did you know you have superpowers?

In this six-week class for teens ages 13-17, Mindfulness Teacher and Family Therapist Noelle Wittliff, LMFT will introduce teens to powerful practices for staying grounded and increasing emotional and mental wellbeing. Participants will learn strategies to reduce stress, increase resiliency, and navigate the ups and downs of adolescence.

Mindful Teens PDX is for teens struggling with…

— Regulating emotions

— Managing stress and overwhelm

— Excessive screen time and social media

— Exploring identity

— Social anxiety

— School and academic pressure

— Fear of failure

— Interpersonal relationships

— Family dynamics

Sad teenager

Mindfulness has been clinically shown to help teens:

— Reduce school and social stress

— Increase focus, attention, and concentration

— Improve emotion regulation and impulse control

— Increase empathy and social skills

— Increase the capacity to overcome challenges

— Increase feelings of calm and relaxation

— Improve self-esteem and self-acceptance

— Improve quality of sleep

— Improve creativity and collaboration

— Decrease anxiety and depression

Self-Compassion is linked to:

— Increased feelings of happiness

— More optimism and positive thinking

— Increased curiosity and connectedness

— Decreased anxiety, depression, and fear of failure

Appreciation from the Community

“After taking this class, I noticed I have more self-compassion. I liked connecting with other learners. I would recommend it to others because it was a good learning process.”

— Student, age 13, Beaverton, OR

“After taking the Mindful Teens class, I feel calm, present, and less reactive. I liked everything about the class, but the art activities were my favorite. I would definitely recommend this class to other teens. It was awesome!”

— JJ, age 14, Portland, OR

“My favorite part of class was the mindful eating and art. It was fun!”

Brooks, age 14, Portland, OR

“We’ve noticed our teen is happier, more confident, and mindful. He really enjoyed the Mindful Teens class, we can tell. We consider this an invaluable service you are offering. Thank you, Noelle!”

— Joe & Margretta, parents of a 14 year old, Portland, OR

Meet Noelle Wittliff

Noelle Wittliff Headshot

Noelle Wittliff, LMFT

Noelle is a Licensed Family Therapist, Trauma Resiliency Practitioner, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, and mom of two. She’s been supporting kids, teens, and families for 20 years. Noelle grew up in Asia and the US and has been practicing mindfulness for three decades.

Her teaching style is supportive and engaging and she is passionate about making mindfulness and compassion practices accessible to all ages.

Learn more about Noelle’s work:


Class Curriculum and Themes

Each class will include guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, discussion, sharing, and reflection. Here’s what you’ll learn during the six-week course:

4/15: Intro to Mindfulness and Present Moment Awareness

4/22: Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions

4/29: Self-Compassion and Kindness Practice

5/5: Building Resilience and Coping with Stress

5/13: Mindfulness in Interpersonal Relationships

5/20: Integration: How to incorporate mindfulness into daily life・Opportunities for deepening a mindfulness practice

Each class offers a blend of meditation, conversation, and exercises designed to guide teens through the essentials of mindfulness. Participants will learn to harness the power of awareness, shift their relationship to thoughts and feelings, and cultivate kindness and resilience through guided practice, discussion, activities, and personal reflection.

I hope you’ll join us!

The teen years can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster. (I’ve been there!) I created this class to provide some skillful guidance and gentle practices to make the ride a little easier. I look forward to supporting you on this journey, where you’ll get to connect with other teens in a safe and encouraging space.



Register for Mindful Teens PDX

Registration is currently paused for this program. Please sign up for the waitlist and we’ll follow up as soon the next session is announced. Thank you for your interest!

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Mindful Teens PDX stacked lockup
Six Mondays
4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

$300 / Student
Limited to 15 Participants

Village Home Education Resource Center

5150 SW Watson Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Price ($300 per student) is for the entire 6-session course, regardless of how many sessions are attended. Sessions cannot be purchased individually.

If you need to cancel, please contact us by April 8, 2024 to be issued a full refund. No refunds will be issued after April 8, 2024. Mindful Teens PDX begins on April 15, 2024.

Please email Noelle at noelle@mindfulparenting.com with any questions.

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