Hi, I’m Noelle Wittliff.

I’m a Mother of Two, Licensed Family Therapist, Trauma Resiliency Specialist, and Mindful Parenting Coach. I teach parents effective tools to reduce stress and overwhelm and strategies to raise resilient, secure, and confident kids. With over fifteen years of experience, I support families to learn, grow, and heal in powerful ways.

“Taking Noelle’s Mindful Parenting course was one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself.”

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Another one of my favorite mindfulness books for kids: Peaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee Maclean. ⁠
I'll be chatting with Jamie from @drawingtogether.city tomorrow at 1:00 on her Instagram Live about mindfulness and art as coping tools during challenging times. I hope you'll join us!⁠
Mindful Art Mondays: Art Journaling Prompts. I found this calligraphy from Thich Nhat Hanh in one of my Buddhist magazines and I created an art journal page around it. It's a simple reminder for all of us. We are enough. ⁠
Today is World Mental Health Day, which is observed to raise awareness of mental health issues throughout the world and to mobilize support for those in need. What will you do to take care of your mental health and emotional well being today? ⁠
Todd Parr's Feelings Flashcards is one of my favorite sets of feelings cards. His drawings are whimsical, inclusive, and endearing. Each card in this set has a feeling on one side, and the opposite feeling on the other. It's a great tool to build emotional literacy with young children. ⁠
Sending so much support, appreciation, and gratitude to all of the teachers and parents who are homeschooling, unschooling, and facilitating distance learning. These are trying times and your efforts are heroic. ⁠
Mindful Art Mondays: Bath bombs. This was such a fun and cute project that also inspired the very mindful practice of taking a relaxing bath! The bath bomb kit that we used is from Kiwi Co. ⁠
Today, in honor of Gandhi’s birthday, we observe the International Day of Non-Violence. Non-violence begins at home in how we care for the most vulnerable in our society, our children. Raising children nonviolently, with respect and consideration, is an act of social justice. ⁠
Honoring the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi today. He has inspired non-violent civil rights and social justice movements around the world and reminds us to be the change we wish to see in the world.⁠
I'm doing some research into the biggest challenges parents and caregivers are facing right now. Please comment or send me a direct message letting me know what is most challenging in your family right now. Thank you so much for your input. 🙏💕⁠
I often share this sentiment with parents. When we know better, we do better. Let's release the parental guilt of not having things figured out in the past the way that we do now. We are all learning, healing, and growing along our subjective journeys. Today is what matters. 💗⁠
Mindful Art Mondays: Bubble Art. This is a fun mindful activity. We added some liquid soap and liquid watercolor drops into cups of water. Using a straw, blow bubbles into the soapy water and then press down on the bubbles with paper. The added mindfulness tool with this activity is taking full inhales through the nose and then blowing slowing through the straw to form the bubbles. Have you tried this activity before? ⁠
Parents often ask me what they can use as leverage to get their kids to cooperate. The problem with most behavioral approaches (time-outs, punishments, etc.) is that it makes kids feel worse, and feeling bad about themselves doesn't allow them to do or be their best. My answer to the question parents often ask me is this: Your relationship is the leverage. Prioritize emotional safety and connection and you're much more likely to see cooperation and flexibility from kids. ⁠
Have you ever wondered which tools are most important for your parenting toolbox? In working with families for over 15 years, I've reflected on this question many times! There are five tools that I think are most important, and I've created a free guidebook to walk you through each one. Get instant access to Five Days to a More Mindful Family and begin practicing these tools to strengthen connection and create greater family harmony. When you've finished the 5-day practice, please reach out to let me know how it went! (Link in bio.)⁠
With everything going on in the world today, I wanted to share a simple tool that can help calm the mind and ease the spirit. Mindfulness Baskets are containers that hold various items that are used for calming, grounding, and soothing feelings of stress and overwhelm.⁠
To learn more about how to create your own Mindfulness Basket and to see pictures of the ones we use at our house, please head over to my new website to read the latest blog post. Link in Bio.⁠
Happy first day of Fall! What are your favorite Autumn traditions and how will you adapt some of them to fit this unprecedented time we're in? I'm taking the time to slow down, breathe, and connect with my family through art and play. 💕🎨🍂🍁⁠
Mindful Art Mondays: This week's art activity features water colors, stencils, and glitter glue. This is a great activity for all ages and can be used with a variety of art materials. ⁠
Happy International Day of Peace! Let's reflect on peace today and consider actions that we can take to contribute to peace in our communities and the world. ⁠
This woodblock print, Child and Dove, is by Japanese artist Kawano Kaoru.⁠
We lost a hero today. #RBG #ruthbaderginsburg #restinpower 

Artist: Bijou Karman
One of the most important aspects of mindfulness for me is including compassion in my field of awareness. This way, no matter what I'm feeling, there's an opportunity to offer myself kindness and empathy.⁠
Julie Bogart of Brave Writer recommends making learning enchanting, whenever possible. I got the idea of Poetry Tea Time from her and it's been a favorite in our family for years. Light some candles, pour some tea, and read aloud from your favorite poetry books. Every one gets a turn to choose a poem! ⁠
Honoring Hispanic/Latinx artists, activists, and humans this month and every month. Print by one of my favorite artists, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, titled Indigenous Roots Denied... No More.⁠
Mindful Art Mondays: Painted Stones. I love this art activity because not only can you incorporate mindfulness into the painting of the rocks, but the rocks then become reminders of mindfulness throughout the day. You can leave these decorated stones around the neighborhood for others to discover, or you can keep them nearby as reminders to yourself to breathe, stay calm, or to practice gratitude.
I love this sweet step-by-step introduction to mindfulness for kids, Meditate with Me, by @mariam.gates and illustrated by @margaritasurnaite. This is one of the books that I bring back and forth between home and my therapy office. What are your favorite mindfulness books for kids?⁠
I'll be chatting with Stephanie from @standtallparenting today at noon on her Instagram Live about mindfulness, self-compassion, and managing stress in close quarters. I hope you'll join us, and please bring your questions! ⁠
Box breathing is a simple breath practice in which you inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, pause for a count of 4, and then repeat until you notice your body begin to relax. When I use this with kids and teens, I invite them to draw a square on a piece of paper, and then trace each side of the square for the corresponding step. This adds one more element of staying present.⁠
Read more about how to support your children's sibling relationships in Seven Steps to Strengthen Sibling Connection. Link in Bio.
Mindful Art Mondays: Empathy books are books written with kids to help them make sense of emotional experiences. I've created these books with my kids for everything from a stressful visit to the dentist to an exciting visit with grandparents. Reading the books together with your child helps them to integrate and process their experiences. Inspiration for the fairy drawing from @rockwelllizzy. Blank books from Lakeshore Learning. ⁠
Our minds can be busy, distracted places. Mindfulness allows us to come back to the stillness of the present moment. Artist credit: Henck van Bilsen.⁠
I’m excited to chat with @standtallparenting next Thursday on her instagram live. I’ll be sharing strategies to help families with distance learning and offering mindfulness and self-compassion tools. Hope you can join us! 💕

If you’re a parent who wishes to have:

Less stress, tension, and overwhelm

Fewer conflicts and power struggles

More flexibility and cooperation in your family

A deeper connection with your kids

A greater sense of internal calm and sturdiness

And an overall sense of ease and confidence in your parenting

Then, welcome! You’re in the right place.

For information on my individual and couples therapy practice, please visit noellewittliff.com

It starts with a simple intention, a desire for change, and a willingness to develop new strategies and ideas about how to care for ourselves and our children.

The first step toward meaningful change is creating a vision for your family and then reaching out for the right support to get you to where you want to be.

What is Mindful Parenting?

Mindful Parenting is about slowing down and bringing attention to the big and small moments in each day. Mindful Parenting refers to parenting consciously and intentionally, with compassionate awareness of our own feelings and needs, while also tuning in to the feelings and needs of our children. When we parent mindfully, we respond, rather than react. We find opportunities to engage with our children in ways that naturally encourage their flexibility and cooperation. We strengthen emotional safety within the family and foster secure and loving attachments.

Mindful Parenting is about parenting in the present moment, in the only place where we can affect change.

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How Mindful Parenting Can Help

Parent Coaching sessions for guidance and support

Family Mindfulness sessions for deeper healing work within families

Homeschool Coaching to support your family’s homeschooling experience

Mindful Parenting Online Course

Sibling Harmony Workshop

Mindful Art for Kids Workshop

Mindful Art for Teens Workshop

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What Parents Are Saying


Danielle Grace, Mother of Two:

The Mindful Parenting course turned out to be the exact thing I was longing for: guidance, invaluable information, and new approaches to parenting. Noelle’s presence is incredibly calming and warm. She is empathetic, a wealth of child-development knowledge, and an incredible teacher. You can tell that she truly loves what she does. I’m profoundly grateful to have taken her course.

Debbie Lee, Mother of Two:

Noelle is a wonderful teacher. I’m so grateful to have taken her Mindful Parenting course and would highly recommend it to parents and caregivers of children of all ages. The course helped me to understand my own childhood experience; understand brain and child developmental stages; and find ways to keep calm during moments of parenting challenges and frustrations. This course helped me to not just be a better parent, but to be a better person in all of my relationships.

Luana Adduci, Mother of One:

Taking Noelle’s Mindful Parenting course was one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself. It was so empowering for me as a mother. The best word I can come up with to describe my experience is eye-opening. I learned to offer myself empathy which not only helped me become more empathetic towards my daughter, but has also prevented potential outbursts. I feel so much calmer around situations that would have driven me crazy before.

Melissa Kinnicutt, Caregiver to School-Age Children:

First and from my heart, Noelle is amazing and this class is going to change lives and make the world a better place! Her knowledgeable understanding and passion for this subject is engaging and inspiring. I know anyone who is raising or working with children would find this course informative, useful, and inspiring.

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